Savile Row Sporting Tailor 1821 reversed

Ask most game shooters if they think a well fitting gun is important and they will possibly laugh before telling you it's not just important, it's vital.


If your gun fit is good then your shooting is more likely to be fluid and accurate. If it’s wrong however, the gun won’t point exactly where you want it to and your shooting may look tight and ‘snatchy’. Furthermore a badly fitting gun may cause bruising under the shooter’s cheek, on the jawbone, shoulder and forearm.


Now consider the importance of a well fitting shooting suit or field coat and what effect that will also have on your success in the field and your averages over the season. 


Off-peg-guns like off the peg jackets and suits are intended to suit the average shooter with an average build and average height. But we’re not all average. It's accepted that a taller person will need a gun with a longer stock and somebody shorter needs a shorter stock. The correct cut of a coat will enable the gun to be mounted easily and repeatedly with no pulling, straining or fighting against the fabric regardless of the build or stature of the person shooting.


Contact us now to discuss your needs and to find out how an investment in a bespoke or made to measure suit or coat can enhance and improve your success in the field.